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SOLD Mesa M 9 Carbine

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by 57pbass, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. 57pbass

    57pbass Supporting Member

    Mint condition in original box.
    Build date - 11/09
    Just not using this head. Amazing power and tonal options.

    $850.00 + shipping

    M 9 Talkbass.jpg


    Handbuilt in Petaluma, California

    • 600 Watts @ 4 or 2 Ohms (320 @ 8), Trans-Class™ Power with 8/4 or 2 Ohm Impedance Switch for optimum Power to Load Performance / 8 Power MOSFET's, 1x12AX7

    • Active/Passive Input Switch

    • Vacuum Tube Preamplifier featuring: Gain, Active Bass w/Pull Deep, Passive Mids, 5-Position Active Mid-Voicing Switch, Active Treble and Master Volume w/Pull Mute

    • Footswitchable, Assignable or Bypassable 9-Band Graphic EQ with Mid-Voice Active/Defeat Switch (Voice Active Mode combines 9-Band Graphic EQ with Selected 5-Position Active Mid-Voicing Switch EQ, Voice Defeat Mode defeats the Selected 5-Position Active Mid-Voicing Switch EQ to "Flat" when 9-Band Graphic EQ is selected, allowing you to footswitch between your favorite Active Mid-Voice setting and 9-Band EQ Curve independently of one another

    • Assignable or Bypassable Compressor with Independent Threshold and Ratio Controls

    • Tuner Output w/Footswitchable Amplifier Mute

    • FX Loop w/Automatic Hard-Bypass to completely remove when not in use

    • Balanced XLR Line Out with Pre/Post Switch & Ground Lift

    • 2 – Combination Speakon -1/4" Speaker Output Jacks

    • Fan Cooled
  2. 57pbass

    57pbass Supporting Member

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  4. jwitzend


    Sep 21, 2013
    Bismarck, ND
    Still available?
  5. 57pbass

    57pbass Supporting Member

  6. Vlad5

    Vlad5 Chronic Knob Twiddling Tone Chaser

    Feb 17, 2011
    New England
    I think there is a typo on the Mesa site, cause this is what I have in my M9 manual....

    These are the Speaker Outputs for the CARBINE. These jacks accept Nuetrik locking SPEAKON type switch set to 8/4, your CARBINE will produce approximately 450 watts of clean power. A 4 ohm speaker load and the impedance switch set to 8/4, your CARBINE will produce approximately 900 watts of clean power. Due to a limiter circuit added to protect the amplifier, a 2 ohm speaker load with the impedance switch set to 2 OHM will still produce approximately 900 watts of clean power. When using a 2 ohm speaker load, make sure the SPEAKER IMPEDANCE switch is set to the 2 OHM

    The M6 has 600 watts, the M9 has 900...

    Just thought I'd share that, and that I LOVE my M9... super punchy.
    (sounds crazy good with treble guitar too!)

    Oh, and this is a GREAT price for this amp!
  7. sunbeast

    sunbeast Supporting Member

    Jul 19, 2006
    Los Angeles, CA
    Read the recent thread about this change in the Amps forum. Given the build date this amp could be either 600 or 900 watts depending on whether it has been updated to current specs or not...
  8. 57pbass

    57pbass Supporting Member

    I will have to call into Mesa to inquire about this.

    I will not sell this head until I get it resolved.

    Thanks for the information..

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