mighty Aguilar db750: original tube set?

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  1. Hi, I just got a db750 to go with my all time fave cab, the db212. I think one of the preamp tubes might be microphonic. As I read al lot of tube swapping about this amp and how a lot of people prefer the original tube set after all,
    I was wondering, what the original tubes are......
  2. Sovteks if I remember correctly, but to be completely honest I have gotten the exact opposite vibe from the forums. Most everyone with a DB750 ends up swapping out the preamp tube in the V1 socket to get rid of some of the wooliness in the low end which tightens it up more and makes the amp more useful in a live setting. I switched mine with a Tung Sol and saw AMAZING results with it.
  3. I am mainly a pick player, so the "wooliness" is a plus for me :)
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    Only played a DB751 once and never a 750, but for any amps I've used, I never had a problem with Sovteks but I prefer NOS...not the $200 Mullards or anything but a decent set of basic Sylvanias or RCA's. Haven't tried those Tung Sols, though.
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  6. It's wooly not in the sense that it's like tube girth or a light overdrive; It's just this muddy fatness that overwhelms your tone. If you're looking for something that has girth to it but can also chug along and get some grit with a pick then I'd go for the Tung Sols. Regardless, both are cheap so you can definitely get them both. Just be warned, tube rolling can become addictive lol.
  7. Actually I like the sound as it is right now.
    I just want to get rid of the "ping" sound when I touch the amp with a jack plug
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    I would also be interest in where to get stock (or close to) replacement set for my DB750.

    I also just posted a thread asking for tubes that will grind harder. Maybe OP would be interested :ninja:

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