MXR Bass Overdrive, a positive review

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by franksgbass, Feb 18, 2014.

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    Feb 8, 2012
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    I am borrowing an MXR Bass overdrive from my neighbor and considering buying it and using it on my small pedal board. Reading a good handful of negative reviews on here I was very hesitant. But after some time with it I realize a few things that I thought I might share.
    This is a great bass distortion pedal. I think a lot of the cats who kinda gave it a bad review might have been looking for a slight overdrive with just a bit of hair, maybe the Fairfield or DG Vintage. This does not do that well. The clean blend has a good amount of overdrive to begin with.
    In my opinion the clean blend has to be maxed. Once you come off it a bit you lose the really nice mids that make this pedal awesome. However, the gain could be kept all the way off, and that will give you a pretty good amount of heavy over drive.
    Once you bring the gain knob up you are in distortion territory. However, provided the clean blend stays maxed, you don't lose a bit of low end.
    The eq is not the full filter that tends to be on most pedals. Its designed to keep your bass sounding full in any setting, so it is tweakable, but not to any extreme.
    Overall, I could see bass players that play a more aggressive style of music really digging this pedal. Especially in the Young Widows, Jesus Lizard camp. Its not for your average player who needs a drive to sit in the mix nicely. There are plenty of great pedals for that.
    Maybe MXR marketed it incorrectly. The demo that Juan Alderete did, while sounding great, does not really sound like this pedal.
    It's almost hard for me to type this as I am one to direct people to the more unique world of boutique effects almost all the time. Fuzzrocious, Darkglass, TSVG, Earthquaker and so on, are all great small companys that build incredible stuff.
    But for $130, this pedal is heavy and it retains all of your lows, maybe even adding some.
    The clean blend should not be on there. It should just stay maxed, maybe an internal trim pot.
    Other that that, this is a great bass distortion.
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    Dec 27, 2011
    thanks for the review. i have the mxr bass fuzz deluxe, i suggest people who don't like the bass overdrive get that. i use the bfd as an overdrive at time, sounds different but it works.

    with my mxr bass octave deluxe i hVe e dry knob all at max.

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