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NCD - Aguilar DB112nt

Discussion in 'Amps [BG]' started by lexington125, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. found one in my neighborhood (!) for $280 in 'as new' condition. The only issue is that the prior owner moved the feet from the long side to the short side, but he did it by using one of the metal corner holes at each corner, so there were no extra holes drilled. I'll be returning the feet to original position. (did I read somewhere that some of these cabs came from Aguilar with the holes already drilled on both sides, but only one set of feet???)

    A couple of questions for anyone familiar w/ these cabs:
    1. I'll want to grab a cover for the cab; can anyone comment on the quality and price of an Aguilar cover versus one from the cover companies (Tuki, etc.)?
    2. although i purchased this cab so i could leave it at a reahearsal space and not have to move gear for every reahearsal, I'm thinking about grabbing a second cab, especially as the used prices for these cabs are all over the road. Are two of these cabs enough for typical blues bar type gigs ? (assuming that its a blues band, not a double stack rock band soloing over blues changes)
    3. has anyone discovered any useful 'port tricks' ? (stuffing one, other ???) I'm not planning on doing anything with the ports, but I haven't had a round port cab in at least 30 years, so I'm just curious.
    4. still trying to decide what makes the most sense for an amp head for rehearsal space use:get the best possible deal on a micro amp (aggie th350?), get a low/mid power tube head (silver face bassman?), or find an overweight SS head that no one wants for under $200?

    photos to follow
  2. Coughdrops

    Coughdrops Supporting Member

    Apr 29, 2008
    South Florida
    I gig two of these on a regular basis, though one of the cabs has the tweeter (which I don't turn on).
    1) I got my cab covers used on TB. They are the Aggie versions and work great for what they are, very durable over the year+ that I've had them. Don't have direct experience with other aftermarket brands but I imagine they are all good and of similar quality.
    2) For the scenario you describe, yes, two of these is great for that type of gig. I have a DB115, that I love, to pair with a 112 should the need arise for more volume. But I've had great success with the two 112s in pretty much every situation.
    3) I don't touch the ports. I have a hi-pass filter I use if I want to cut down on the super lows. In any case, I don't find these cabs super heavy on the bottom end anyways. They are punchy little bastards that sound great.
    4) My gigging amp is a TH500. I think they match up great together so the TH350 would be great as well. I've used my old V4B through them and that sounds great too. I've been able to cop that V4B sound pretty well with a Walkabout. Great sound. For under $500, either of those scenarios give you great affordable tone. After that, you are just balancing cost vs. sound. Not to imply cheaper or SS is necessarily worse sounding, just that I find those solutions tonally much different than the TH or a tube head etc.
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  4. found a good deal on a 'like new' TH500, so the Aggie mini-stack is underway: TH500 and one DB112nt. Next up is a 2nd DB112nt as that will give me the coverage and volume for any situation. Then its time to see how a mid sized tube head sounds through the cabs; maybe a Bassman 100 or 135 or a Showman head? Or a very simple custom tube head, something like this:

    (custom amp owned by TBer "eldoryder")
  5. The Aguilar cover is fantastic — super high quality and great fit. It's made by Tuki (if you go to the Tuki website, it sends you to the Aguilar site to buy the covers). It is a bit pricey, though; but I don't know if anything cheaper would be close to the same quality.

    I hav a TH500, a DB112, and a DB112NT. That head and one cabinet has been fine for me at rehearsals with a loud-ish drummer. The TH500 with both cabinets has been more than enough for shows. You should be fine for bar gigs.

    Also, unless you're positive you don't need a tweeter, you might consider adding a DB112 rather than another 112NT. It'll give you a little more flexibility. It's got a knob so you can turn it all the way off if you don't need it. I hate harsh sounding tweeters, but the one Aguilar uses is nice and smooth.
  6. Thanks, but I turn all the high end off from the tone knob on my bass to the amp controls and would do the same w/ any tweeter. I aim for the lowest, 50s/60s typw bass tone possible. So yeah, I know I don't have any use for a tweeter - a pair of "NT" models are just what I need
  7. Cool. You'll save a little money and a few pounds that way.

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