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Need help identifying bass!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Hedefar, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Hedefar


    Nov 4, 2011
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    Hi all!

    This is my first post in this very nice forum :)

    I need your help identifying this seemingly very exclusive fretless bass which I attached 2 pictures of.

    It's for sale by a private person here in Denmark for 5000dkr = 925 US dollars.
    And I am tempted to take the long drive and go check it out.

    The seller wrote that, to the best of his knowledge, it was built in Thailand and someone imported it themselves.
    He also wrote that it has no indications of who produced it.

    When I look at the pictures and put the facts together, my guess would be that this is a very expensive bass.

    - Neck-thru (usually very expensive)
    - Lots of pearl inlays.
    - Seems handcrafted or built-to-order because of the lack of brand names, I guess.
    - The seller knows very little about it's background making me think that there is a risk, that it was stolen at some point in time :ninja:

    The price seems low for a bass like this.

    Any thoughts? Does anyone recognize this instrument?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


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  2. Yorick


    Nov 10, 2006
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    Might be an Antonio Tsai bass. He's bases in the far East and is known for his inlay work. Looks like one of his designs/basses
  3. Hedefar


    Nov 4, 2011
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    Thanks Yorick!
    I searched around a bit and it looks to me like you are spot on.

    I got very worried while reading about his guitars (not bass guitars).
    It seems they are imported from China to Vietnam and then sent out to customers from there.
    Customers are happy the first few weeks until the wood start cracking up.
    Even one Danish company imported 100 supposedly grade-A guitars which all had to be shipped back for a refund... which never came!

    But people seem happy with the basses so it's probably not from the same sub-contractor in China as these guitars were.

    Any feedback from someone who has played one of the basses would be appreciated!

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