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[Need Input] Bass Guitar Cover

Discussion in 'The Perfect Bass' started by renp777, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. renp777


    Sep 26, 2012
    Hey everyone,

    I am new here. A member of a sports forum referred me here. I am still barely starting out on the bass, and I need your opinion on this bass cover. The song is Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace. It's in standard tuning. Please let me know how I can improve. Thanks.

  2. Bluelephant4


    Jun 10, 2012
    Practice with a metronome. Oh and try to loosen up.
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  4. Bongo66


    Dec 18, 2012
    Somerset Ky
    1) throw the pick away! 2) chromatic scales to get you using all four fingers on your left hand. Look them up, they are very simple and good exercise for the fingers. 3) shouldn't have to move that much to hit all the notes you want to hit. Find a faster way to get to the note. Scales will help a lot. Start out with a major scale.

    Keep jammin bro
  5. TheJetsFan4Eva


    Apr 4, 2012
    a metronome is all you need. timing is everything! keep on playin bro!

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