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Opinions wanted on new bass choice

Discussion in 'The Perfect Bass' started by sixgunluv, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. sixgunluv


    Apr 1, 2014
    After getting back into playing bass after 25 years i bought a used Godin Acoustibass(older model). I 've never owned a fretless but always wanted one. Problem is i need to take it back because one spot on the fingerboard has a buzz(D on the A string)... other than that i love it.
    So... here's my question. Since i can't find another older model Godin what do you guys think about these choices...for between $500-950 as i browse them on ebay.

    Warwick Rock,Corvette
    Boulder Creek 5 String Fretless
    Steinberger Spirit Fretless
    Carvin 5 string
    Warmoth 5 string fretless
    Fender Jazz Fretless

    I do like the Godin, is there any reason not to buy a newer one? A4-A5

    My preferences are a softer fretless sound....think "The Firm"
  2. I have the Boulder Creek 5-string fretless with D'Addario Tapewounds on it. It sounds and plays pretty good.

    They have the A4-A5 and the A4-A5 Ultra. If you're looking for more acoustic sound you'll want to get the regular. The Ultra has a pick-up on the body at the bridge location
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  4. ThePerfectBass

    ThePerfectBass Supporting Member

    Have you thought about getting the fingerboard trued up by a good repair guy? If it's older it may just need a high spot leveled out...

  5. sixgunluv


    Apr 1, 2014
    Well... i decided to take the Godin Acousticastor back where i got it. Then i found a Warwick Corvette Standard Made in Germany for $625. I'm happy with my decision, i like the fact that the nut on the Vette is adjustable and it sounds great.


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