SOLD Peavey Max 112 II combo

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    Selling my Peavey Max II 112 bass combo amplifier. This thing is LOUD, sounds great, has flexible EQ, built-in tuner, and DI. Very giggable and easily keeps up with a not-insane drummer. It has a high 1Mohm input impedance so it works fantastically with passive piezo pickups (for you upright folks.)

    I purchased this last June for occasional use with a band, but that band ended up playing more often and I really don't need something this big for it, so I'm getting something substantially smaller.

    Full disclosure: I had complaints from consecutive sound guys about some hum from the DI. Had it checked out at CAE Audio in San Mateo and they couldn't find anything wrong with it, and they also couldn't reproduce the hum. I think it was just two bad stages in a row.

    It functions absolutely as new, but it has some scratches from touring. Sells for $250 new, selling it for $200.

    I don't want to bother shipping this. You can pick it up from my place in San Francisco, or I'm willing to deliver within the Bay Area, within reason.
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    edit: sold local!

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