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    Sep 25, 2010
    Hello, My name is Woody Woodcasters and we build custom exotic wood guitars and basses. A MySpace friend sent me a forum thread a few days ago with someone asking if anyone had ever tried REED JAMES PICKUPS. I decided to answer that question, so here goes.

    Back in 2007 we were looking for someone to custom wind us all wooden pickups for our instruments. I called and contacted many pickup manufacturers, and all of them said "Wooden pickups? No there's no market for that so we can't get into it, sorry" I ran across Reed James and called him to ask the same of him. Instead of giving me excuses, he said he'd give it a try and get back to me. About three hours later I received a picture of a tele neck pickup made of POPLAR from a pallet he had in the shop! DAMN!
    He said he put it in his test guitar and it sounds great, so he would be happy to make custom wooden pickups for us.

    We ordered two tele and one strat set in RED OAK, and when they arrived and we installed them and played the guitars. THE TONES WERE AMAZING! Since then ALL the pickups in our instruments are Reed James Pickups.

    Now many of you will start to think "oh, he's biased", but believe me, with what we get for one of our ONE -OF-ONE custom pieces, if they wern't the best sounding pickups we would have moved on long ago.

    WE have had customers that after replacing one set of pickups in one of their mass produced guitars with Reed James Pickups, brought us all their other instruments for pickup replacement because they didn't sound "right" anymore by comparison. One customer even had us remove two sets of ANTIQUITY pickups because they were in their words "whimpy sounding next the the Reed James Pickups" That customer had us swap out pickups in 8 guitars, and bought three of ours to boot!!

    We have replaced USA PAF's & humbuckers, Dimarzios, Duncans, EMG's, P-90's, P bass, J Bass, even Dean bass pickups that cost more than the actual bass! Weird? perhaps, but that's one HOT sounding Dean bass.....

    Don't believe me yet? Try this. Order a set in the wood and magnet type you want. When they arrive, have them installed, then play. If they aren't rockin your world with more tone than you thought possible, un install them and send them back. No questions asked for a prompt rewind.

    Reed James has always offered this option, but NOBODY has even sent a set back..... EVER! In fact, the customer we did the COCOBOLO J bass pickup upgrade for actually sleeps with the instrument in his room at night he loves them so much!

    Wait, three was one set sent back because they were too hot, Reed James rewound them less hot at NO CHARGE and sent them back. The customer LOVES them now and he'd only let go of them if he were dead! His words, not mine.

    To show you how much he wants you to enjoy his work, there was one set he wound for us that he didn't like the sound of in the test guitar, so he called me to tell me that he was going to re-wind them so they sounded good to him before sending them to me because he wanted us to have the best sound he could make. That's class!

    I know he spells funny somtimes, but he types too fast.
    Considering his day job as an engineer, that's what makes him the perfectionist when it comes to pickups.

    Finally, to close, I know of no other manufacturer that will rewind your pickups if they ever stop making sound, and all you pay is the shipping for as long as you own the pickups!

    Let's see Seymour do THAT!

    Try them, you have nothing to loose and MILES OF TONE to gain!

    Don't start bad talking something you haven't personally tried either, ya might wind up eating some crow when you finally DO try a set! Then you'll understand why all his customer come to his defense.



    P.S. Want to see them in some nice guitars? Find us on MySpace and check out the pictures in the Galleries of guitars!

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    Thanks for the comments. I'm seriously considering having Jim make me a custom, very narrow soap bar and tailor it to tone that I'm looking for.
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    Reed James Custom Pickups
    thanks for the kind words woody