SKB 3005 Custom or Century 3005 Custom?

Discussion in 'Roscoe Basses' started by NeckPickup, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. NeckPickup

    NeckPickup Supporting Member

    Jun 19, 2011
    Boca Raton, FL
    I am considering these two basses. I have gone through the Roscoe forum here and even spoke to Gard once about how the Century has the shortest reach to the first fret given how it sits on your body, which is a plus. I tried an SKB 3005 very recently, but have never tried a Century, although I have a reasonable offer to buy one (without first playing it). I didn't care for the wood on the SKB I tried enough to buy that one. Here are my concerns/questions, feedback appreciated, thanks.

    1. Gard said in one thread the reach to 1st fret was "not significantly more" on the SKB, while someone said the reach to upper frets on the Century was actually made worse by the closer reach to the 1st fret. Are either of these reaches noticeably different enough between the two basses to affect a decision in your opinion? I did notice raising the headstock on the SKB while playing standing reduced the twist in my wrist some.

    2. I see far more SKB Customs than Century Customs in stores, (but a lot of Century Standards). The Century Customs seem to sit for a while in stores. Are they generally more difficult to resell and/or resale price is a bigger loss on price payed (or undercut by the Century Standard perhaps?) I give the SKB an edge in looks FWIW.

    3. General question: the purpleheart center strip on the neck of the SKB I tried was a bit rougher to the touch than the surrounding maple. Is this normal, and does it become less noticeable as your thumb skin oil works into the neck?

    Thanks again in advance for your help.
  2. JOME77


    Aug 18, 2002
    I'll take a shot at giving you my opinion ......

    I currently own a SKB 3006 signature and a Century V. When I first played the Century V I noticed that if I played without looking at the fingerboard, I would sometimes fret on top of the fret (primarily in the lower positions). I remember thinking that was strange but then I remembered all of the discussion on the forums about the upper horn extending considerably further than the top horn of the SKB and LG's. That being said, I
    didn't have any issues adjusting to the Century bass and I switch back and forth between the SKB 3006 and Century V. I do still pay a little more attention when playing in the lower register though.

    I believe that Keith still makes more LG models than all of the others combined. While some players may have a preference, I think overall the quality of top and overall condition determines more in the resale area than whether it's a SKB, LG or Century.
    That being said, it does seem that Nice SKB's and Century's sell quicker than LG's in the 5 string models (and CS models).

    Purple heart has more of an open grain than maple so it will feel a bit rougher. Nothing that rubbing it out with 0000 steel wool from time to time won't correct though. Personally I prefer a wenge neck center these days and it is even more open grain feeling than purpleheart. Again, a little steel wool does the trick.

    IMO the wenge neck center make for a stiffer more stable neck and really adds to the phat tone of the bass.
  3. Freddels

    Freddels Musical Anarchist Supporting Member

    Apr 7, 2005
    Sutton, MA
    Of the 3 models, I like the shape of the Century the least. I like the shape of the SKB the best but prefer the way the LG rests on my body. Not sure if that answers any questions . . . :D
  4. Ryan L.

    Ryan L. Moderator Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2000
    West Fargo, ND
    I've owned a few SKB's, played a few LG's, and now play Century's exclusively. I prefer the slightly longer upper horn/larger body. Personally not a fan of the LG's, but it's mainly because the body just seems too small to me.
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