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So I played my new Thumb standing up for the first time today!

Discussion in 'Warwick Basses' started by Dredmahawkus, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Dredmahawkus

    Dredmahawkus Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2012
    I am in so much pain now! and I cant reach the first fret! what is up with that! why is that bass so comfortable and fast and great sitting but such a chore to play standing up??
  2. bass12

    bass12 Fueled by chocolate Supporting Member

    Jun 8, 2008
    Montreal, Canada
    Because the upper horn and body are so short (and ovankol and bubinga are both heavy woods). I don't miss my Thumbs at all!
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  4. Unlike Corvettes or Streamers, the upper horn is short. Thus, when playing standing up, the body of the bass while sit right smack in the middle of your torso and therefore extending the neck out further away from you.

    You get used to it but it is weird at first. Short horn and all, the Thumb bass is my all-time favorite!
  5. Dredmahawkus

    Dredmahawkus Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2012
    Yeah I love this bass....its a GC 2001 LTD bolt on bubinga top ebony board....its feels and sounds incredible! I have 7 basses all pretty much in the 1600 and up range and this one is my favorite sound!

    I thought Germans were all about perfection! you figure they would make an extension fold away snap on horn or something for it! lol
    I am highly considering selling a bass and getting another 2001 LTD! just to have as a back up I like it that much! but now after playing today I dont know! it ruined my plans! I was trying to throw it to the right some and hold it down with my forearm. then when my back started hurting I had to stop!
  6. bass12

    bass12 Fueled by chocolate Supporting Member

    Jun 8, 2008
    Montreal, Canada
    You're confusing the Germans with the Swiss. ;) I used to play Warwick basses. My first one was a Streamer Stage I. I was used to gigging with that bass and wanted a backup. I ended up going to a store 2 1/2 hours away by car and buying a Thumb BO 5. I played it at the shop for around twenty minutes and, despite the neck being a bit chunky, liked how it felt and sounded. It was only when I got home that I strapped it on and... neck dive city. I freaked and couldn't believe I hadn't thought to try it standing up while at the shop. So first thing the next morning I drove back to the shop and exchanged the bass for the 4 string Thumb BO. The balance wasn't perfect but it was better than with the five. A couple of years later I bought a Fender Jazz and that became my main bass. One day (after a few months of gigging the Fender exclusively) I took the Thumb out on a gig. Ouch. I'd since gotten used to a much lighter bass and my shoulder was not happy at all. That was the last time I gigged with my Thumb! Having said all that, I'd give it a chance if you otherwise really like the bass. I was able to adapt, originally, and I played my Thumb quite happily for two years before switching to that Fender.
  7. Dredmahawkus

    Dredmahawkus Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2012
    I look kinda like a duschbag but playing it all the way to the right with the neck sticking out almost straight but it isnt that bad that way.
  8. You may feel like a douchebag, but for those in the know, you are a bass player with taste. Warwicks are synonymous with high quality and craftsmanship. Plus, you'll look like you had plenty of cash to throw around because you bought a Warwick. Just my two cents...
  9. Whoa, you found a store that not only had German Warwick basses but that had two Thumbs of different types!?!?
    That right there is worthy of note.
  10. Dredmahawkus

    Dredmahawkus Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2012
    I think I solved my problem....I bought a 4.5 inch levys padded strap in the classifieds. seems to make it much more comfortable! it kinda takes up my whole shoulder....but I have more control over where I want the bass to be!
  11. NYCbassist

    NYCbassist Supporting Member

    I would try bringing the headstock upward. Let the body hang a bit lower. I think you'll be pleased with the results.
  12. I have a Thumb BO 5. I think the key to playing them while standing is a proper strap that fits you, and the bass properly. You also need to have the bass as high up on your torso while standing as it is while sitting. If I play my thumb with the strap on, while sitting, my bass doesn't sit on my leg, the strap is so short it holds the bass up off my lap. I have a new strap that's plenty wide and plenty padded, making it plenty comfortable. Never had a neck dive issue. If I let go of the bass, it stays put.
  13. Is that store Long and McQuade's in Ottawa? They used to carry Warwicks, although not lately. I have a used Infinity and a used Thumb 5. I'm pretty sure they both came from there.
  14. Means2nEnd

    Means2nEnd Supporting Member

    replace the standard tuners with 3/8" Ultralites and it will balance much better. I do this with all m Warwicks..FYI
  15. Dime1012


    Apr 21, 2013
    Thought I'd finally chime in on this recurring issue among thumb owners, I found a simple solution although if you don't mind drilling a couple of holes and moving your strap pins!!
    From the pictures I hope you can gather what I've basically done, now when I stand up and play, the bass practically holds itself up! Of course a wide thick strap is also recommended :)
    Hope this helps other thumb owners

  16. Is just replacing the tuners enough? I've seriously considered swapping out my tuners for ultralites.

    What kind of strap do you use, and how high/low do you have your bass when you play standing up?
  17. bass12

    bass12 Fueled by chocolate Supporting Member

    Jun 8, 2008
    Montreal, Canada
    You got it. ;) This was, I guess, around 2004.
  18. Interesting!
    You'd think with all the high level engineering that goes into Warwick basses, and really anything German engineered, they would look at non-standard strap pin placement.
    The balance on the Thumb bass is a notorious problem; really one of the greatest liabilities of the instrument. Maybe this will encourage them to rip off your idea and execute it on their instruments.
  19. WarwickOfficial


    May 15, 2012
    Warwick & Framus Social Media

    Cool idea with the irregular strap pin placement. Since most people love the thumb as is, I suppose it was never considered in production. Very cool idea though that I will pass along.
    Thanks dudes!


  20. Good thing I do most of my playing in my basement, sitting down. I'm going to give standing up a try at our next band rehearsal or jam. I'm hoping my Sadowsky strap will help.
  21. Actually, what's wrong with sitting while playing? Lots of it here in Nashville in studios and even at the Ryman. Many of the 'song writer' shows here feature everyone on stools. I have used a stool with a low back and adjustable foot rest for about six years. You can probably make your own but they really are not expensive. If I play better siting and can play for hours sitting - I'm going to sit! My days of putting on a show are long gone. These days I make music and that's all that matters. So if you want to sit - it's OK.

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