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Tanglewood Rebel 4K Bass Rewire Project

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Swissola, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Swissola


    Jan 8, 2014
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    Hi all

    I'm currently in the planning stages to shield, rewire and possibly replace the pots in my P/J bass. Now, it is a 3 pot set up with 2 volume and 1 tone (mix) and they are Alpha 500K all round. One thing I have noticed is that the volume pots seem to be type B and the tone pot is a type A. This seems to be wrong to me as everywhere I have read says that your volume pots should be type A (log) and your tone pots should be type B (linear)???

    Would there be any reason for it to be wired this way or do you think the original factory guitar tech hadn't had his morning coffee yet? I have also heard that manufacturers haven't always named consistently, so I'd have to check with a multimeter to confirm which is which.

    I have the Seymour Duncan wiring diagram that shows it with 250K pots all round but was thinking of changing it up a little. I was thinking of putting a 500K on the neck pick-up and a 250K on the bridge. Is it advisable to have different pots in series? If I could do do this what would the recommended tone (mix) pot be, a 250K or 500K?

    Another consideration is disconnecting the neck PU from the tone control and having it volume only and the vol & tone just for the bridge (although I have no clue how to wire that currently :confused:)

    Another consideration could be to have a push/pull switch configuration so I could run the PU's in series or in parallel (again @ Seymour Duncan)

    Forgot to mention that my pick-ups are by EMC Electronics (Rebadged EMGs?) and sound pretty good, so will be leaving them in.

    Discussions most welcome. Thanks!

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