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  1. Tascam MP-BT1 Bass Trainer. This is the older version with the built in memory and built in rechargeable battery. The new version requires a SD card and you have to put batteries in it. I bought this a few months ago as a backup and realized it doesn't make any sense to have two of them. So I am selling this for what I paid for it. Comes with Manual, Charger ($30 value) and usb cable.

    $65 Shipped.

  2. Strokerbass


    Aug 7, 2013
    For anyone who may be thinking about this thing, I bought one about two months ago to replace a Korg px5d.
    This has quickly become my go to practice tool. It'll do everything the manual(PDF version available online) says it will do and a whole lot more. Right now I'm using it as an effects unit dialed to "Warm Sound" in my live rig. I also use it when I'm working on demos. It has around 80 preset patches and most are pretty good. Being able to store 1gb of music means you can practice anywhere you have enough space to hold your bass. I haven't found one thing that I don't like about mine.$65 is dirt cheap and the only reason I'm not buying it is because I also just bought a complete new live rig and just barely escaped with my marriage intact. 8)
    Seriously though, if you're thinking about it you won't be disappointed.
  3. Thanks for the review.
  4. This has been sold.
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