Tune TBJ41 Bass Maniac

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  1. Thinking of getting one of those....read all the threads on it (not a whole lot of info) so I'd like to hear from someone who has one......this is a Korean build....

    1. How heavy is it?
    2. String spacing?
    3. Since the top horn stops at the 14th fret, does that make reaching for the F a little harder...in other words, does it make the neck seem longer than 34" scale?

    Also interested in possibly getting a Tune WOB4 Fretless and the same questions would apply to that one too....thanks for your help

  2. no one has one?
  3. Tvrtko


    Dec 27, 2002
    South of the USA
    I have TWB53FM and I think it's way superior guitar to anything that costs 3 times more. That WOB4 is killer guitar. If you can get it, it's incredible instrument.
  4. thanks Tvrtko......I'm really thinking of getting the WOB4....though I wanted a 5 string, I since found out that the 5 is 19mm string spacing and I prefer 17.5mm so I'll just get a 4 string for now.....
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  6. no one else can comment?
  7. OK.....received my Tune TBJ41 Bass Maniac a few days ago and I'm impressed.....lightweight, set it up with a low action and it plays like butter with no buzzing....will change the strings to flats asap...it has a nice slim neck and the fretwork is excellent.....it does neck dive a little which I dislike since I have a problem with my back and neck but I got a good leather strap so I don't notice it too much but I wouldn't be able to do a whole set with it but then I usually only play short scales when I gig or jam but I wanted to try out a long scale bass and really don't like the Ibby sound......

    Has anyone put flats on this Bass yet?

    I put some flats on it (I had some Fender Flats on hand)....and it sounds wonderful and the action is even lower now...just as I like it...
  8. There is a Tune bass club here. Check it out.
  9. pedulla-2007

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Sorry I just saw your post. These are amazing basses, unkown by many, but it is their loss. I have an early japanese white 4 string maniac, and a newer Korean red 5 string maniac. Both have been played professionally, and always come to my gigs as a backup bass. I also bring these out on thursday night blues jams, when I don't want anyone soiling my new stringson my high end or vintage basses. I keep black flats on the 4 string, and everyone seems to enjoy them!