Tuner peg holes distance to fit vintage Fender tuners

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am remaking a squier headstock and want to install some new vintage tuners (the big ones). What would the distance be between the peg holes as I am drilling new ones?? (I covered the former holes)

    Thanks in advance
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    Your best way is to put all 4 tuners in and then use a small piece of tape to lock them in place. Then make sure they are visually straight. Then mark your 16 holes. Make sure the drill bit sticks out less than the thickness of the headstock b4 you drill.
  3. Hi,
    Thanks, I meant the tuner peg holes, not the screws holes. Sorry, I didn't expalin it in detail.
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    Okay, You really want to be careful with this process. The biggest risk is splintering. You should make or get a template. I have drilled many holes for machine heads. I learned to Scribe the outer edge of the hole on both sides of the headstock with an exacto knife. It's a tedious and lengthy process but very well worth it. Secondly. drill about 1/2 way from both sides.
    PS working on finding you a template.
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  6. Very much appreciated, thanks.
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    It seems impossible to find a headstock template. Do you have another Fender Bass to copy from? I could do it from My Fender Steve Harris P-Bass but I'd have to get to it tomorrow and then scan it and email it to you. PM me if you can't get one by tomorrow.
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  10. Thank you,

    You are always so helpful! I managed to figure it out.

    Thanks again.:bassist: