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Using blown cab?

Discussion in 'Amps [BG]' started by krstko, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. krstko


    Aug 29, 2011
    Cerknica, Slovenia
    I have a stupid question. Can you damage a head if you use it with a blown cab? I got myself a free 410 cab, but 2 speakers are blown (one makes wierd hissing noises, one is just quiet). I would use it with my Hartke HA5500, only for room practice. Can I damage the head if I do it?
  2. john m

    john m Supporting Member

    Jan 15, 2006
    At least disconnect them and tape off the leads.
    Shorts vs open circuits are not good.

    For you tube guys--- I know-- tubes don't like infinite z.
  3. krstko


    Aug 29, 2011
    Cerknica, Slovenia
    I'll do that, tx for advice :D

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