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Volume issues

Discussion in 'The Perfect Bass' started by Weirdo, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Hey there

    Might be a questionable first post, but i've been lurking this forum for a while now and never felt the need to add my input on most things...

    I've got an ESP EC 414, Plays fine, everything is fine, but since day one, the volume knob has never worked. This never bugged me until now.. So yeah, I've opened it and checked for wiring/soldering issues, but there's none.. Im beginning to think its a possible pickup issue??

  2. ThePerfectBass

    ThePerfectBass Supporting Member

    Possibly... I would recommend bringing it to a tech and have a pro look at it. Hard to trouble shoot these issues without having the bass in hand... Where are you located and did you get it from TPB?

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  4. FiveG


    Mar 1, 2013
    "Volume knob has never worked" meaning its at full volume all the time? Or no volume all the time? Two volume pots? one for each pickup? Or one master for both? Need to know this stuff if I'm going to suggest anything really specific. Here is one approach.... If all the solder and wires look good and right, chances are its not the pickup. It could be, but the chance is slim. I would test the pot with a ohm meter. A pot is just a variable resistor. De-solder and test the center ear to the right ear, then the center ear to the left ear while turning the pot from one way to the other. One way should read up (zero to whatever the top pot value is, the other side should read down (top value to zero). If you get zero or infinity ohms all the way through the pots range as you turn it you have a pad pot.
    Or you could just take it to a $100 an hour guy and let him figure it out. :meh:

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