Want to leave negative feedback, how to do it?

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  1. Bought an instrument and it's not as described. I would never never never sell such a crap instrument to someone and say it's a "sleeper" or some such. Well any way I paid $250 for an instrument that's basically got a twisted neck and is not worth fixing properly, so it's almost a total loss.

    The guy won't admit to selling me a piece of junk and is relying on his previous positive reviews. I've contacted him several times and he's not budging, his idea of a nice deal is definitely not my idea of a nice deal.

    My question is, does anyone EVER get a negative feedback here? If it's possible, I'd like to leave him some negative feedback.
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    First go to the sale thread and copy its URL. Then go to the seller's profile; click on their feedback; then click on the link to leave them feedback. You'll need to paste the URL of the deal in there.
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    Confine your accompanying comments to just the facts.

    FWIW, I actually read the feedback(s) before dealing. I slam the door on anyone with a history of mis-representation.

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  6. One more thing, he is wanting "evidence" of the neck being twisted. I took it to the top repairman probably in the whole Phoenix metro area and he described it as basically un-fixable because of the neck issue. A photograph (which he demands) is not really going to be able to show the issue clearly.
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    The fact it was immediately evident to you and corroborated by a tech will have to suffice. A brief written description from the shop would be nice. My limited skills with a digital camera would make a detailed pic almost impossible.

    If the seller is hell-bent on contesting the issue despite providing documentation, leave the negative feedback and file a complaint with (PayPal) if used.