Warmoth Owners Club (Part 3)

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  2. the other thread closed before i could answer a question so i'll do it here...

    jumbodbassman, the bass i built isn't walnut or a stain finish, it's a swamp ash body with warmoth's standard poly trans brown finish. i was goin after the 70's p-bass mocha look. and yeah, i love my studio bass, i actually converted into a head after that picture was taken and i use it with a fender 115 pro neo cab now, sounds great!
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    My Walnut bodied Fretless Jazz. LOVE IT


    Need to get black hardware for it!
  4. Here are some pics (a lot of them ;-)) of my latest Warmoth project, that started out in a bit of an unusual way. Maybe some of you remember at gloss black G4 bass body advertised as a screaming deal some months back?

    It had unusual specs: Solid walnut body, black korina top and a thin black binding between the two. All covered under gloss black. It had a ''build it yourself cost at almost $600, but was offered for $199.... Hmmm... weird..!? Why cover all them nice and expensive goodies under gloss black..!? Had it been damaged, repaired and then painted? Or what gives..!?

    I took the chance and bought it with the intention of stripping the black paint. And so the project began. It proved that it actually had two full finishes. Under the black gloss, there was a thick layer of clear gloss, so it was a bit of work to get it all removed... And under all the paint and clear coat was a PERFECT body... No damages, no problems, just beautiful walnut and black korina.

    These first set of pics are from the process of removing the black paint and the clear coat.

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  6. And here are a few pics from the progress of building up a new tung-oil and wax finish. I have chosen not to grain fill as I like the ''raw'' look and feel of the wood. Personally I think that black korina looks SO much better with an oil finish, than with clear coat. The oil finish gives amazing depth and warmth to the wood, where the clear coat tends to give a pale and bleached look (IMHO).

    It's a P bass neck with satin nitro finish and a unique choice pau ferro fretboard. I have reshaped the headstock myself, I did not want a ''Fender look'' on this one, I wanted something unique. And since the G4 body is quite compact I also wanted a more compact headstock - otherwise I thought it looked a bit silly and ''headstock heavy''.

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  7. And the final result... I really like this bass..! I wanted an ''organic'' and ''no bling'' look/feel to the thing, and I think it worked out well.

    Pick ups are EMG 35CSX (the warmer and more vintage sounding compared to some EMG's) together with the EMG preamp system. The bridge is 2TEK.

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  8. Final set of pics... Since I modified the headstock and thus needed to refinish the clear coat after cutting it I decided to sand it back and build up a new finish. I installed some custom waterslide decals in the process ;)

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    Beautiful Job!!!

    What a great looking bass - I'm sure it sounds as good
    as it looks too -

    CONGRATS on a phenomenal build!

  10. Thanks..! This one was a lot of work because of the refinish of the body, but I think it was worth it. I really like the ''organic'' and ''natural'' look and feel of this one :)
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    Just got the Custom T in , I've done a few Shellac coats , black grain filler on the Ash , Behlen vinyl sealer and a light top coat of Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer .





    One of the lads at reranch suggested I leave the top as is and clear it some more and do the back in trans red . So this weekend we'll get to that red back

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    See this is what happens when you are not on a computer for 2 weeks. Part 3 huh!! Nice. Don't forget everyone, if you would like a number, please PM me and I will get to them as soon as I can.
  13. VERY nice G4! May I ask what scale it is? The photos seem to throw me thinking it looks like a 30"-32", but just wanna be sure.
  14. Thanks..! It's a 34" scale, P bass neck.
  15. Another Warmoth bass in the house..! This time a GECKO, and it's a bass bought second hand, so it's my first Warmoth that I have not build myself.

    Maybe you recognize it as a bass that has changed hands here on TB a few times. It's now across the pond in Denmark. I really like what the previous owner did to clean it up and the pick guard makes kind of a cool Warmoth -meets- Musicman look.

    Amazing one off neck, and I think the wenge / orange / white color and material combination is super cool.

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  16. A few more... I think this GECKO is a keeper :)

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    I was eyeing that up too.
    Nice score. Congrats :hyper:
  18. Love that! Does the bass Tele body vary in size compared to the guitar Tele body, in hopes that it's somewhat larger?
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    Yes , as per Warmoth's site
    "A slightly elongated Tele® guitar body to accommodate P and J necks. "

    and shes done !




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    Love that figuring around the bridge. What kind of top is that? Flamed? Gore. Jus.

    I'm such a candya$$. I can't pull the trigger on my body yet. My neck will be here any day now, but can't decide on my body top. These things ain't cheap and I'd hate to make the wrong decision, but if I got a piece of wood like what you got there then I'd be happy all day.