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What strings go on a Warwick upon leaving the factory?

Discussion in 'Warwick Basses' started by TolerancEJ, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. TolerancEJ


    May 27, 2010
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    Hi. I decided it may be time to change the strings on my Warwick Thumb BO 6. Before I do that, I wanted to check which set/guage is usually standard on a Thumb BO 6 when it leaves the factory. I really enjoy the sound and I've had compliments from others when they've heard my Thumb.
  2. WarwickOfficial


    May 15, 2012
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    Warwick & Framus Social Media
    ToleranceEJ -

    Warwick electric basses (no NT-basses) ship from Germany with Warwick Black Label strings.

    4-string: .045" .065" .085" .105" (40200M)

    5-string: .045" .065" .085" .105" .135" (40301M)

    6-string: .025" .045" .065" .085" .105" .135" (40401M)

    German-made NT-Models and all Custom Shop basses ship with Warwick EMP-Strings:

    4-string: .045", .065", .085", .105" (38200M)

    5-string: .045", .065", .085", .105", .135" (38301M

    6-string: .025", .045", .065", .085", .105", .135" (38401M)

    The Alien Acoustic Bass ships with:

    Bronze Label Medium: .045" .065" .085" .105"

    I hope this helps. Thanks!
  3. TolerancEJ


    May 27, 2010
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    Does a set of Black Label strings go best with this? :)


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