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  1. does anyone have one?

    i just sold my H4N and need to replace it (it wasn't working anymore.) need to decide if this is worth the extra $$, would love to hear opinions.
  2. Interesting. I have the H4n and love it, this thing looks pretty sweet(er?).

    Subscribed out of curiosity.

  3. the h4n really is great. but, i was kind of let down to find out that its really only 2 stereo tracks, and not 4 tracks. the H6 is 4 tracks + one stereo track from the top mic.

    that many inputs can make recording a small band pretty easy with good results. plus the condenser mics for some ambience.. home demos have never sounded better- assuming you've got a good sounding room to play in!

    i'm in no rush to buy something, especially since they're $400 new, so i'll wait to get a chance to toy around with one or atleast hear from someone i trust what they think.
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    May 10, 2006
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