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Sonic Nuance Electronics TalkBass Giveaway

Win a Sonic Nuance Tuner + DI (TDI), Headphone Extension Cable (HEXT), and Instrument Cable (INST)

We are pleased to announce our first giveaway of 2016, sponsored by Sonic Nuance Electronics! We are giving away three great prizes to one lucky TalkBass member:

Sonic Nuance Tuner + DI (TDI)
  • Passive Jensen transformer based direct box with phantom powered chromatic instrument tuner and mute functionality.
  • Be able to change the battery in your instrument while your channel is active using the mute
  • Signal path physically disconnected from the tuner during play mode.
  • XLR and 1/4 inch outputs are muted during tuning operation.
  • Direct box and mute functions operate with or without phantom power.
  • Hand assembled, designed and tested in the USA with the highest quality components and construction techniques.
  • Patent pending technology
Headphone Extension Cable, 10ft (HEXT)
  • Durable, high fidelity custom headphone extension cables handmade in the USA
  • Designed to interface with personal monitor systems (like Aviom) and in ear headphones
  • 1/4 inch stereo plug and crackle free 1/8 inch stereo inline jack
  • Eliminates the need for 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adaptors which get lost easily and have intermittent contacts
Instrument Cable, 10ft (INST)
  • Mogami 2524 cable
  • G&H copper-core “Show Saver” plugs
  • Durable, high fidelity and handmade in the USA
  • Premium components and industry proven termination methods
  • Techflex sleeving
  • Reinforced end terminations and heatshrink over barrel to prevent unscrewing.
  • Compared to over-molded and mass-produced cable assemblies, SNE cables can last significantly longer.
Sonic Nuance Electronic's founder and owner Ted Burmas has been a TalkBass member since 2003 (@sonicnuance , formerly "mozarwasagenius"). An avid bassist, he started Sonic Nuance Electronics in 2012, using his 20+ years experience in electrical engineering fields to create high-quality, durable electronics for musicians.

"Tone and sound quality are very, very important to me. If I can't get the sound I "hear" in my head to come through an instrument, I quickly lose inspiration and don't want to play it. I spent one year on each of my instruments "dialing them in" in terms of action, equalization, strings and pickup settings.... Yes, I am that much of a tone chaser, and it drives me nuts sometimes. This obsessive search for the tone I am chasing goes into each product that I sell."
- Ted Burmas, Owner and Sole Proprietor, Sonic Nuance Electronics

A big thanks to @sonicnuance and Sonic Nuance Electronics for sponsoring this giveaway!

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The prize is a Sonic Nuance Tuner + DI (TDI), Headphone Extension Cable (HEXT), and Instrument Cable (INST)

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