CIJ PJ BASS.. what barrel jack do I need., May 1, 2021
  1. walterw

    anyway, it's a passive bass so all you need is a mono barrel jack; a stereo barrel jack would work just as well, the ring contact would just be ignored.

    the best one out there is still the switchcraft, either the #151 mono or the #152B stereo
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  3. Relsom

    Funny, I'm returning 2 of those Switchcraft barrel jacks to Amazon today. Duplicate order. For your reference, the mono (2 terminals) version is #151, and the stereo (3 terminals) version is #152b.
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  5. walterw

    you mean you're not already?

    i'd replace the jack one more time with a good real switchcraft #152B, then strictly use right-angle cables from then on to avoid the sideways flexing forces on it.

    the problem with battery on-off switches on guitars is you can get loud noises powering it up or down; that's why nobody does that. (active/passive switches always leave the preamp powered up, just bypassed)
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  7. mech

    EDIT: Welcome to Talkbass.

    If everything works as it should you will have a really good sounding bass and it will play second to none

    That's a 2nd Generation DynaBass with the flat top active VFL pickups. Active PUs will have a third wire going to them to supply 9VDC to the circuit in the PUs that is used for impedance matching and maybe a little gain. I've asked Peavey for a schematic before and they don't find one. The preamp looks like the same one used in the Peavey RJ-IV in that it has the dip switch on the PCB and the PU selector switch mounted on the body.

    Most likely all you'll have to do is spray the pots with a good cleaner. I doubt they will need to be replaced. The barrel jack may need to be replaced. The contacts become sprung from the plug wiggling around. Be sure to use a Switchcraft #152B. Don't use a heavy cord and always run the cord through the strap for strain relief to help prevent this.

    This wiring diagram is the only info I was able to get from Peavey and it's for the RJ-IV which also had active PUs.

    Hope this helps get that warrior back on the road. If you have any questions, post back on this thread.

    View attachment 2471030
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  9. walterw

    that means there's no practical replacement besides another barrel jack.

    all you can do is swap it out for a better one like a switchcraft #152B; even then, plan on replacing it every few years.
  10. Carvin Jack popping in and out even after replacement., Oct 22, 2015
  11. walterw

    that's my guess.

    if it was wired wrong it likely wouldn't work at all.

    what you want is a real-deal switchcraft barrel jack, #152B.

    still, try wiggling the wires off the jack with the bass plugged into an amp, see if it's something outside the jack.
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  13. Ian Mark

    thank you bass brothers for all your advices and recommendations, i really appreciated all your efforts to reply to my post :)....i've decided to order a real switchcraft #152B to put into my bass. Hopefully it will arrive shortly :)
  14. Need Help Installing new Input Barrel Jack in a EBMM Bongo 5 bass, Aug 11, 2015
  15. walterw

    what? no!

    only one of those is "tip", the other is ring, and will not work with a mono cable. the trick is to plug a cable into a live amp, then plug it into this jack; touch the various lugs, the one that makes the loud buzzing noise is the tip output.

    the extra lug is to switch the battery to ground separate from tip, ring or sleeve, for stereo + active applications.

    thing is, i think that jack is not a switchcraft, in which case the OP doesn't want it anyway! it won't be reliable, and is a real downgrade for that bass.

    get a real switchcraft #152B and accept no substitutes.
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  17. michaelandrew

    Here's the guts of one I pulled out of Yamaha RBX765A:

    View attachment 2209104

    As you can see, it's no wonder they get a little twitchy after some use.

    They are not repairable - replace with Switchcraft #152B Long-Threaded 1/4" Barrel Jack. Also, if you use a right-angle plug, you're less likely to knock it sideways.
  18. Jack noise question, Apr 19, 2013
  19. walterw

    yep, it's just time for a new one, a switchcraft #152B, available at any decent music store.