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    Pre-Gibson Tobias Basic 5 w/ Killer Tone......, Jul 28, 2017
  1. evilgus

    So weird that I ended up with TWO of the WTMB preamps, even though they came with basses from quite different years. I suspect the #19xx Signature came with that, stock, but the Classic #12xx ended up with one as a replacement for a dead TCT. Maybe it was owned by a former Tobias staff-member, as it looks completely stock and un-touched...

  2. Gorgeous Pre-Gibson Tobias Classic 5 string - Claro Walnut Top, Sep 15, 2016
  3. kesslari

    This is a beautiful example of Mike's work, and it saddens me to sell it.
    Alder body
    Thick Wenge toneplate
    Claro Walnut top
    5 piece Maple/Purpleheart neck
    Serial #19xx
    Plays and sounds like a dream - like one of Mike's basses should. It delivers!

    There are a couple of small dings on the horns - I did my best to photograph them as best I could. There's also a finish drip, which I never noticed and which surprised me.

    Comes with original Tobias HSC.
    I wouldn't be selling this if I didn't need the money, so no trades, please.
    $3500 + shipping CONUS.
    IMG_2010. IMG_2014. IMG_2009.
  4. Tobias Classic 5 Pre-gibson for Ken Smith BT5, Jul 27, 2014
  5. basspro557

    All Original Tobias Classic 5 Pre-Gibson made in 91 serial #19XX Bubinga top Alder back Wenge tone plate, Pau-ferro board,Bartolini pre with Vol pan Bass mid treble set w Active passive Swittch,Original hard case.
    Great condition with minor wear.Killer Sounding!!
    Looking to Trade for a Ken Smith BT5 only or sell for $3499
    You can reach me at 786-351-5631.
  6. Tobias Classic 5 Pre-gibson Bubinga/Wenge/Alder, Jul 16, 2014
  7. basspro557

    Not sure i want to do this but just putting it out for the moment,
    Beautiful Tobias Classic 5 Pre-gibson made in 1991 with Bubbinga, Wenge,Alder wood combo with Flamed maple/Bubinga neck and Pau-ferro board with serial #19XX
    Very cleam condition with some nicks here and there as expected for its age but Overall very nice shape.Bridge is faded but can be refinished if desired by Hipshot for $40.Pics taken with my phone dont justify these woods.Set up is Vol pan Bass treble mid with A/p swith,Truly Killer Sounding for any style of Music.
    $3599 Shipped.
    Text me at 786-351-5631 if you prefer,
    No Trades so PLEASE dont Ask.
  8. FS: Early 90's Tobias Basic 4, May 12, 2011
  9. adam clinton

    Been on the fence about this one...

    Up for sale is a sweet early 90's Tobias bass (serial #19XX). This would be post-Gibson, but pre-Nashville i.e. below serial #2044 so Mike's regular crew. Super clean condition 9 out of 10 comes with original case and papers. Professionally re-fretted and a new bone nut installed, plays and sounds great. Super PUNCHY tone, cuts great in a mix (too good for most of the more rock oriented music I am playing which is why I decided to sell). Maple and purpleheart 5 piece neck, flame maple body with some very nice figuring; the older neck profiles are amazing slim and FAST. Fairly lightweight, probably 8lb-9lb range. I did replace 2 of the bridge saddles (on the D-G strings). The original black ones will come with the bass, they didn't sound good (were kind of grooved in the saddle, probably from years or wear/playing). I was going to do a whole replacement bridge at some point but never got around to it.

    $1900 shipped via PayPal

    Thanks for looking!

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