Azola EUBs Megathread, Oct 10, 2015
  1. Court Crawford

    Francios, thanks again for the sound advice. I really appreciate it. I just got the bass back from a local luthier. She planed the neck to get rid of a bump, correcting the camber, and thereby also raising the nut about a millimeter to decrease the buzz. The most interesting thing was simply addressing the feet on the bridge. In the original photo those dimples of epoxy were actually suspending the bridge feet "on point". Our theory is that this is why the bridge was falling over while performing. Since getting the bass back today the tone is much more to my liking: the originally recorded flanging sound is no longer present, and so I was able to lower the action to get the tone I'm looking for, and I have high hopes the bridge won't wander in my next performance. The difference in tone simply due to removing that epoxy and planing the bridge feet so they are firmly seated on the passive diaphragms is tremendous.As an added bonus, the bass is louder too. What a difference a bridge makes! Also, for what it's worth, this is not a bug bass. It is one of the Ampeg branded Azolas. Serial #ABB70180.

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