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    The Random Thought Megathread, Feb 26, 2021
  1. 5StringBlues

    View attachment 4183771

    It's too bad that "everybody" has become famous for worthless @$%#ing [email protected]#$% like this.

    7 million subscribers.......
  2. Musicians on stage wearing black clothes..., Feb 23, 2021
  3. Feral Feline

    OFTEN the client stipulates the musicians must wear black, so that the focus is on the event/guest-speaker/whatever and not on some musician's "garish" garb.

    After just such a gig, I heard one drunkard exclaim "[email protected]#ING MUSICIANS! Think you're so cool always wearing black!"
    He was ignored. We continued on our way home.
    I mostly wear black, anyway, by choice — day-to-day whether I'm gigging or not.

    Some gigs I dress up, add a splash of colour — depends on the gig/band/mood-I'm-in etc.
  4. 3 Pickup Bass Phase Issue Questions, Jan 26, 2021

    AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD...... a quick flip of one, then both pickup connectors and its apparent that I’ll need to break out the soldering iron again and do what @dwizum suggested.

    Argh!!! Oh well, I always have to learn every #*%#ing thing the hard way! I can feel my third headache of the day already coming on.
  6. Maybe I'm just not meant to be in a band?, Jun 14, 2020
  7. Funky Phantom

    Or maybe the drummer is an actual real player, and the guitar guy messes up that same part
    every time. So when the drummer hears it, it’s like ‘here we go again!’.
    Let’s face it, a lot of guitar players (especially in rock) think it’s all about them.
    And they’ll wear you out with it.
    I was playing with a group, and had to learn their songs. There was one section of a
    James Brown song that the guitarist was showing me, and it was all wrong.
    When I told him it was wrong, he got all Joey Proey on me, telling me all he knew
    about music etc. after he was done talking I told him he was still wrong.
    ‘How do you know you’re right’ he says, ‘Because I’ve got the Dr. Lix James Brown
    Rhythm section book, and the part is tabbed out by the guy who [email protected]$#ing played’ I says.
    Guys like that will make you roll your eyes. .....guitar players.
  8. Am I a sinner ?, May 15, 2020
  9. chadds

    I’m not trying to argue and you didn’t say “all”. I apologize. We are discussing this phenomena. Quoting my age made it seem like a p*##ing contest and that was not my intention.
  10. I can't possibly use this - Acoustic 370, Mar 11, 2020
  11. Panek

    Yes, you can absolutely use it and you need to get it, which by the time of my post, I'm sure you already did.

    A 370 was my main amplifier between 2012 and 2016 with my Ampeg 810. I still have it as a backup.

    I only stopped using it because I got my Traynor Mono Block B, which is also a total transistor BEAST, but has a Output Volume control. The 370 I have "opens up" with that legendary Acoustic oomph at around 1,5-2 on the volume scale, but at that level and above my bands went "TURN THAT F*%#ING THING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". I relented and switch to an amp with better volume control, but I miss it and I'm thinking of ways to bring it back. In fact, I might just do it very soon...
  12. Anybody else beat themselves up after a gig when you make mistakes? How do I get over this?, Aug 30, 2019
  13. glocke1


    People don't even seem ashamed to be posting sub-par stuff online anymore and I've come to realize that a lot of this is largely attention W&$#ing "look at me" type stuff.

    I just listened to a something posted by another band last night that had some mistakes on almost every tune. Granted, a lot of them are things that only other musicians or someone with a good ear will really notice, but still these were all things that could been fixed had the band rehearsed and worked stuff out and corrected each other when someone made an error. Yeah, this was another band that doesn't rehearse, and they actually bragged in the post about not rehearsing.

    Another local guy who promotes himself quite heavily as being "the best" tribute act for a particular artist in the area has videos posted of things that are just awful. Some involve a new bass player who was a guitar player new to the bass and it was obvious he was struggling. Awful stuff that I'd have been embarrassed to have others see.

    It's really becoming something that is just mind boggling to me. All these bands going out and playing but not rehearsing to get things tight, get parts right, etc. A lot of these groups really have some good potential, but are just simply more interested in playing out in front of people at any opportunity as opposed to refining things privately before playing out.

    I think a lot of this is due to the fact that these days it is just so easy to get a good quality recording. I think the musical errors are being ignored because the quality of the recording in many cases is really good.
  14. Broughton Audio Super Thread, Apr 19, 2019
  15. Marikk

    I know,I thought "ill just refresh a few times and it'll be gone..But Nooooo
    So then i figured, Ill make a few posts and it'll be gone...*still in stock* F$%#ing [email protected]#&$it

    Ok, ill just put it in my cart, Thats the sure fire way to have it sell out

  16. Crap items in your sound, Apr 13, 2019
  17. oZZma

    My favourite piece from my drummer's set is a seriously crappy 16" crash cymbal from a beginners' set he bought (used) when he started playing.
    I think it started sounding so good only when it began to bend (now it's totally deformed), and now I'm worried because it has become something like our "signature drums sound" and if we break It (which will most likely happen very soon, being low quality) we will never find a crash with THAT scrap metal sound, unless we buy the whole f*#ing three piece set (which is also quite hard to find)
    True band drama.:atoz:
    Maybe some of you have some "hidden gems from the junk" too? :D
  18. The guitarist wrote down the chords, Mar 28, 2019
  19. Richard Lindsey

    Well, most hard and fast rules, even if they're true most of the time, can be guaranteed to fail you eventually. For instance, take the one about using sharps if the key sig has sharps and flats if it has flats. So what would you use for the dim7 chord a half step below the root in D minor, which has one flat in the key sig? Nope, not Dbdim7; it would have to be C#dim7.

    There are times and places for D# and G#, not to mention C#. It's less about the key signature than it is about the tonality where you happen to be at the moment, which may or may not be the same as the initial key signaled by the key sig.

    And just because I feel like yelling at clouds today, I as a guitarist would like to push back, politely of course, at this seeming implication that guitarists are these idiot savants who don't know what they're playing. While there are certainly a nontrivial number of those, there are also a lot of bassists--I won't even get into drummers--who don't really either. The guitarists I play with most know quite well what they're doing, and for that matter are far more likely to refer to a given chord as a Bb or Eb than as an A# or D#, except of course when it's harmonically preferable to do it the other way.

    Finally, correctness does sometimes give way to convenience. Sometimes it's better to be easy to follow than to be technically correct. I was once playing guitar to a chart in Db written by a pianist friend of mine who was (and is) an excellent and well-schooled musician. I got to one chord that properly should have been an Fb but had been written as E. My friend knew quite well that Fb was more correct, but remarked, "I'm not writing a [email protected]#ing Fb on a chart for a guitar player. I'm not paying you enough for you to work that hard!"

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