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    FS: Sadowsky Metro MS4, Apr 15, 2010
  1. thisSNsucks

    PRICE DROP $1500 Shipped to the Continental US!!!

    Hey Guys,

    Here's a pretty awesome Sadowsky Metro MS4. I just got this a few days ago, but unfortunately GAS has strucken once again and I also just recieved my Credit Card bill. Not fun, so here it is!

    This is actually an early Metro and is listed on the Sadowsky website in the Recently Sold Metro section. Here's a link:


    Specs are:

    Style: MS4 / Metro Standard 4-string
    Finish: '59 Burst
    Wood: Swamp Ash
    Fingerboard: Maple
    Pickguard: None
    Hardware: Chrome
    Pickups: Sadowsky Humcancelling J
    Weight: 9 lbs (balances perfectly!)

    This bass is pretty much MINT. No dings, no dents, no scratches. Looks like its hardly been played at all.

    **The two things I would like to note are***
    1. There is NO VTC, however, you can bypass the preamp by pulling up the bass knob.
    2. I experienced a subtle "pop" through my amp once or twice while playing it. Upon further investigation I determined the prongs on the input jack must be bent a little bit as my cable was able to wiggle around. I took it apart and bent them back in position, seems to be ok now, but I don't know if thats a sign of the input jack needing to be replaced anytime soon.

    Other than that this bass is ready to rock. It also comes with the orginal paperwork, tools, Sadowsky polishing cloth, and Sadowsky case.

    Price is $1500 shipped to the Continental US via PayPal or Money Order to the Continental US.

    Not really looking for trades but you can try me. I like classic looking basses (Fenderesque designs)

    PM me with any offers or questions.

    Now for some pics:








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