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    Broughton Audio Super Thread, Apr 19, 2019
  1. Marikk

    I know,I thought "ill just refresh a few times and it'll be gone..But Nooooo
    So then i figured, Ill make a few posts and it'll be gone...*still in stock* F$%#ing d@#&$it

    Ok, ill just put it in my cart, Thats the sure fire way to have it sell out

  2. Crap items in your sound, Apr 13, 2019
  3. oZZma

    My favourite piece from my drummer's set is a seriously crappy 16" crash cymbal from a beginners' set he bought (used) when he started playing.
    I think it started sounding so good only when it began to bend (now it's totally deformed), and now I'm worried because it has become something like our "signature drums sound" and if we break It (which will most likely happen very soon, being low quality) we will never find a crash with THAT scrap metal sound, unless we buy the whole f*#ing three piece set (which is also quite hard to find)
    True band drama.:atoz:
    Maybe some of you have some "hidden gems from the junk" too? :D
  4. The guitarist wrote down the chords, Mar 28, 2019
  5. Richard Lindsey

    Well, most hard and fast rules, even if they're true most of the time, can be guaranteed to fail you eventually. For instance, take the one about using sharps if the key sig has sharps and flats if it has flats. So what would you use for the dim7 chord a half step below the root in D minor, which has one flat in the key sig? Nope, not Dbdim7; it would have to be C#dim7.

    There are times and places for D# and G#, not to mention C#. It's less about the key signature than it is about the tonality where you happen to be at the moment, which may or may not be the same as the initial key signaled by the key sig.

    And just because I feel like yelling at clouds today, I as a guitarist would like to push back, politely of course, at this seeming implication that guitarists are these idiot savants who don't know what they're playing. While there are certainly a nontrivial number of those, there are also a lot of bassists--I won't even get into drummers--who don't really either. The guitarists I play with most know quite well what they're doing, and for that matter are far more likely to refer to a given chord as a Bb or Eb than as an A# or D#, except of course when it's harmonically preferable to do it the other way.

    Finally, correctness does sometimes give way to convenience. Sometimes it's better to be easy to follow than to be technically correct. I was once playing guitar to a chart in Db written by a pianist friend of mine who was (and is) an excellent and well-schooled musician. I got to one chord that properly should have been an Fb but had been written as E. My friend knew quite well that Fb was more correct, but remarked, "I'm not writing a f!@#ing Fb on a chart for a guitar player. I'm not paying you enough for you to work that hard!"
  6. Share your weird/unconventional rigs!, Mar 2, 2019
  7. Tim de Martino

    Is this the type of thing you are after?


    Stick/MIDI Rig, MOD Duo (in-f%^$#ing-credible) and Boss GP-10.

    Stick bass side goes through GK guitar jack (to cut down on cables) into Bass Driver for dirt, through GP-10 uneffected into MOD where it gets processed and routed.

    Treble side is MIDI which gets processed by GP-10 for GR type synth sounds and guitar/amp modelling into MOD for routing. GP-10 also sends out raw MIDI data via Primova MIDX-20 to play MOD soft synths which are also controlled by KMI 12 step. Everything is switchable and assignable and a regular electric or upright bass (or both) can be inserted via LS-2. Phew...

    Finally almost got it dialled in for the new awesome action packed ensemble that I am working with. It is amplified by a single powered top and 12 inch sub.

    See below for when it all gets too much!

  8. Too young, but also too old...An appreciation of age, Jan 14, 2019
  9. Nevada Pete

    I don't look my age at all. Attractive women still give me the 'look' from time to time. It would be even more so if I dyed my hair. So what, I'm supposed to show people I may be playing with my drivers license? My birth certificate? As far as I'm concerned, frankly, my age is none of their #$%$#ing business.

    At this point, other responsibilities related to my disabled wife prevent me from playing out right now. But in the event the situation comes up and I'm available, I'll tell prospective band mates whatever I feel like telling them. To my way of thinking, if somebody asks me a question like that, they deserve whatever answer they get. If my musicianship isn't enough to convince them they want me, then I don't belong there anyway.

    This doesn't apply to more formal arrangements, of course. In that case, I think its probably the same everywhere. That is, if you can cut it and nobody else happens to be available, you'll get the chair. At least, until somebody comes along the MD wants more than you. Yes?
  10. Is interest in live music declining?, Oct 31, 2018
  11. IconBasser

    I'm seeing a lot of this as well. And to be honest, I kind of like this format better, rather than your standard rock and blues cover band. If I'm going to a bar or brewery, I'm not going there to listen to $*@#ing brown eyed girl or mustang sally for the billionth time so loud that I can't hear who I'm talking to. A few people playing guitars/violins/mandolins on the patio or in the corner are fine - they're easy to ignore if I'm doing something else, and (anecdotally) they tend to have a wider repertoire of songs that they play, making them more interesting.

    If I'm in the mood for loud music, I'm going to go see a performance of original bands that I follow and like, where their presence is the focus of the event. I don't care about your Van Halen wannabe/80's revival dadrock band, and I sure as hell would rather be able to hear my companion's voice than you failing to rip off a Randy Rhoads solo.
  12. Acoustic bass fetish club Part 2, Oct 28, 2018
  13. dmt

    Alright, I give up before I totally ruin either my pegs (for which it’d be at least a week before I could get a replacement) or my now-damaged left hand is permanently broken.

    This should be simple, but it’s turning into a battle. How do you guys get these f*%#ing bridge pegs off? Any tips?
  14. Song Uno: From here to Eternity, Oct 26, 2018
  15. Lowendtech

    I Just Wanna Make Love To You - Willie Dixon written, sung by Muddy Waters, Etta James and Fog F*%#ing Hat
  16. Bassists who ride Motorcycles, Oct 18, 2018
  17. Helix

    You pretty much have the same thoughts on this as myself.....to gain what, 3 or 4 HP by swapping out the exhaust doesn’t really seem worth the trouble
    Plus like I stated earlier, I live in pretty condensed neighborhood, so I really don’t want to p@#ing off the neighbors
  18. I just purchased a 2018 Rickenbacker 4003S.. Where can I get a flat black pick guard??, Jun 13, 2018
  19. horsehead9

    Off topic again for this thread but I gotta say it. My Ric is brand new... Production run was March 2018. Right after I get it and before even getting a chance to set it up, I play it at a paying gig and get this awful crackle fuzz sound and its due to the toggle switch not fully engaging into center position. Started off "Innocent Exile" with this happening too...(Maiden fans will know what I'm referring to) I didn't know what was causing it at the time. Quite stressful and depressing. Had to switch basses. I bring it back to the store and tell them to fix it and what I believe the problem is after some research. Apparently the toggle is a common issue with the 4003 old and new. They send it to the tech who ignores my observations, suggestions and suspected causes of the symptoms... decides to focus on shielding and grounding and putting foil on the back of my pickguard - completely ignoring the toggle. I get it back feeling all optimistic and happy and then @#*#@! It makes the awful sounds within a minute of playing it and switching the toggle. What a useless tech. Of course this customer's input could not possibly be worth considering since he is the certified tech and I am not. No matter if I had offered info to work with or not, a qualified technician should be able to troubleshoot his way through the very few components of an electric bass and find that problem within a minute just like i did. Buying my first Ric was supposed to be a high point but instead it is has become a source of stress that I don't need. "I just want my new bass. Stop #@!#ing around with your tinfoil hat and order the replacement part already you useless tool..."
    Thanks for listening to my vent session...
    Now back on topic- Pretty nice pickguard and pickup bezel cover hey?? LOL

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