Best Way To Get My Nut Off, Jul 7, 2018
  1. Is this the latest eBay scam?, Mar 9, 2017
  2. Steve Tester

    Drug f*#ked? It is a bit out there isn't it. Great thread though.
  3. Happy Holidays - Enjoy, Dec 25, 2014
  4. pnchad

    It has become insane - huge lines & garbage

    Not to mention paying locals to drag down perma frozen human excrement

    Is there anywhere people haven't f%#ked up yet?
  5. Can you tell Precision from Jazz just by listening?, Dec 9, 2014
  6. BazzTard

    My P with the tone all the way up sounds almost the same as my J with neck pup only and tone rolled down halfway or so.

    Of course, my ears are [email protected]#ked from years standing next to drummers with ears at cymbal level so I may be totally wrong, WHAT?
  7. Favourite Lyric Line?, May 17, 2014
  8. Mikaelbass

    "Well that's the way I like it baby, I don't wanna live forever"


    "What if all of this is inside of your head, just creations of your own. Your devils an your gods, all the living and the dead, and you really are alone"

    Right where it belongs - NIN

    " I F*#ked your girlfriend last night. while you snored and drooled I F*#ked your love. She called me daddy and I called her baby, and I smacked her ass"

    Good friends as a bottle of pills-Pantera
  9. How long does it take you to load in/load out? Tips for making it more efficient?, Mar 23, 2012
  10. HanibalSpector

    We are a three piece rock band. Drums guitar and bass with three vocal mics.
    Most of the venues we play at have some form of noise restrictions so we use a pretty simple vocal PA. 1200watt poweramp, drive rack, mixer, two 12" two way boxes two 12" two way wedges.
    We have two light racks with four par 64 and four par 33 lights, a smoke machine, strobe and multi colured light and a martin roboscan light.
    Before we complete the set up we set the stage with blacks, at the back of the stage and across the front.

    If we're playing at a regular venue and have a routine worked out, load in and set up/sound check usually takes just under an hour. If we haven't played there before it can take a half hour longer.

    Our massive 5000watt set up with 18" subs, high/mid boxes, more lights and monitors takes a good 2 hours+ to set up and sound check.
    We've settled on as simple a system as possible to avoid setup and pack up times.
    Worst job is packing up. We're pretty F##ked by the end of a gig, all we want is cold beer and to hang out.
    Being really tidy with cables and leads makes a huge difference to save time. Nothing worst than unravelling a birds nest the next night because everthing was just shoved in a box at the end of the previous engagement.

  11. Aria Pro II SB1000 vs SB Elite I/SB R-60, Jun 14, 2011
  12. jkkkjkhk

    Thanks a ton dude. I loved the feel of my old Aria but I've never tried a SB1000 to see if I liked it better. I guess I'll just get what I can get. Is the thickness the same on them? My Spector neck is HUGE so my hands cramp very quickly. I normally get tendonitis every time I start a new instrument or start a new hands on job. With this bass I get it for 2-3 weeks, off for a few, then back on for a few weeks. My hands just really do not get along with it.

    How do the KA pups compare to the originals? I've heard great things about them but no one ever seems to say what the differences were. Oh and that's cool about the SB wiring. Never knew the Elites were coil tapped and the 1000 weren't. My aria had some wiring problems and my very inexperienced self tried to fix it. Never got to hear how it should but when I was done the neck pup strongly overpowered the bridge pup. Not knowing exactly what the switches did I had the neck pup switch up and the bridge pup down. All I knew is that up made them a little quieter and less bass. So that evened them out more. I'm guessing that it probably f$#ked with the tone and is what possibly made me not like it.

    How big of a tone difference is there between the Elite I and II? Can the "II" get all the tones the "I" can? Or does the placement impact the tone that much? Is there any reason I'd dislike the "II" so much and like the "I" over it?
  13. Punk Bass, Apr 29, 2011
  14. Daveomd

    What do you mean by "punk" bass players? I think Mike Watt's definition of a punk is spot on (someone who gets [email protected]#ked in jail for cigarettes). Most of the original "punk" bassists just wanted to be in a rock band and were doing it because they wanted to play new meaningful music, where most of the bands mentioned in this post are like, "Hey, let's be all retro and play Punk rock and try to sound British even though we're from Cali"
  15. To sticker or not to sticker?, Apr 12, 2009

    I bought my first bass in 1990.but i've been skateboarding since 1984.needless to say i covered my bass in stickers the day i got it home.but not just cheesey free **** but cool skate stickers (like Santa Cruz Jim Phillips stuff and old punk/hardcore stuff.) but i kinda outgrew stickers on my basses.( though not skateboarding and punk) so i peeled them all off and cleaned it with "Goo-gone".no damage to the finish.maybe 'cause it was white (EEEEEW!) (also the reason i covered it in the first place.) though i found a broken in half Vantage Flying V bass (also white) that was so f*#ked up i covered it in stickers to hide the repair.out of the ten instruments i own (8 Basses & 2 Guitars) this is the only one with's your bass do what you want.
  17. "Chelsea Bridge" Real Book changes are ..., Jan 25, 2009
  18. Bobby King

    Hey folks,

    I was practicing the melody of the great Billy Strayhorn song "Chelsea Bridge" with my bow and trying to relate it to the changes. So first I got out the Real Book and it describes the first four bars as:

    Eb7 | Db7 | Eb7 Db7| Bb7 |

    Ok, given the melody, I can get that those first changes would at least be 7b5 chords. But the root movement winding up on Bb7 still seemed bad to me. So --

    I found a recording of Ben Webster playing the song and the the bass is on Bb and Ab on those first changes. Ah!

    That would make it:

    Bb-maj7 | Ab-maj7| Bb-maj7 Ab-maj7| Bb7 |

    SO much better!

    Sometimes the changes in the real book are f*#ked. Or they're only intended for the pianist's right hand! :rolleyes:

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