Moog MF Ring, Jan 11, 2018
  1. gregmon79

    So I got this yesterday. And I love it!!! I’m not usually into noise pedals or ring mods. I used to have the freqbox (and I am STILL kicking myself in the a$$ for flipping that one!!! Like, really) and I liked it. A lot. But then I didn’t think I’d really use it much. Oh how stupid I can be at times.

    Anyway, the ring rules. It’s so musical and lush sounding. Blows my mind why I never got it to Moog more. The price I guess. Its well worth it though. Moog makes some of the best stuff around.i hope to get more in the future. Even their battery “clips” are awesome!! Haha

    So the point of the thread, someone please tell me what these internal trims are!!! Im thinking they are biases or something like that....maybe. I gotta know though. So who knows what they do?!!


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