Get off my LAWN! "Grumpy Old Farts", Jun 16, 2021
  1. Black Out Jazz

  2. Seafoam green: the pepto-bismol of greens, May 10, 2021
  3. utterlybored


    wow. I had no idea women were buying so many guitars. I’m looking forward to reading those articles after finishing this reply. It’s timely too... I was just teaching my 12 year old daughter how to translate her knowledge of piano chord structure into creating bass lines this evening. I decided this week it’s time she learns some bass and guitar. Her twin brother is crazy proficient on strings and I know she’s jealous... there’s no reason for jealousy. She can learn too and play in a way that satisfies her own soul. No need to compare to him.

    anyway.... I think color matters to kids and beginners for sure. When my son asked for a new guitar a few Christmases ago his requirement was that it was an electric blue fender (squire). There are a lot of rich kids with very expensive instruments at my kid’s music school and I’m sure a good many of them selected by color. I wonder if this market is one that the companies realize is a real thing.

    when I was picking out a new Bass a few weeks ago my first priority was feel and function.... I hoped and prayed that the SFG P would be the one I liked the most because if it wasn’t I would have gone for something else. Thankfully it all aligned and I got the bass I needed in the color I desired.

    I suppose it all depends on where you are in your bass journey and bass collection. Beginners or collectors might prioritize color the most? And people who are trying to satisfy function requirements will place lesser importance on it.
  4. Looking to upgrade from my 100w combo! :), May 2, 2021
  5. Black Out Jazz

  6. Official Nordstrand Acinonyx Cat bass club, Dec 30, 2020
  7. mmbass21


    As much as I want a LPB tort and could've waited for the second run of many many more, I wanted one from the very first run.
  8. Official Nordstrand Acinonyx Cat bass club, Dec 29, 2020
  9. redstrand

  10. NEW MESA TT 800 AMP. OH. MY. GOD., Dec 29, 2020
  11. redstrand

  12. NCD Mesa Subway 2x12, Dec 2, 2020
  13. redstrand

  14. I own a Harley Benton club, Apr 10, 2020
  15. stingray69

    Congrats! :bassist:

    I hope you dig it as much as I'm loving mine - it's an outstanding bass!

    No need to justify your purchase - at all. I'm kinda in the same boat - work in IT support (in a medical lab) and very shortly after ordering the 5EB in Natural this past Thursday, I found out that I apparently do not qualify for the partial unemployment that I was told I was. But I do realize that even still, I'm luckier than some at the moment, to at least have half my job hours in tact for the moment. My heart goes out to those folks in more immediate dire straits than I am at the moment.
    In retrospect I suppose I probably should not have placed the order regardless in these rocky financial times. But in reality, this $330-ish dollar bass won't amount to a hill of beans to saving my bank account if the economy doesn't pick back up FAST.

    If anything, the CV crisis is proof that life is short and if I do go, I'm pretty sure the one thing you won't catching me saying is that I wish I had bought less basses while I was here. #TRUTH.

    So here's to the end of the financial crisis for all those impacted and to an end to the CV nightmare - hopefully we can all get back to our regularly scheduled lives very, very soon. :thumbsup:
  16. Broughton Audio Super Thread, Feb 9, 2020
  17. gh0st42


    The intent was to find a cheap way to mail them, and not charge anything. Collecting payment for shipping seemed like more effort than it was worth!

    I offered to just ship all the extras to Josh in my email, to just toss into the boxes with orders or what ever.
  18. Jazz bass wired in series, Oct 22, 2019
  19. TonyP-

    Lol :roflmao:

    Thanks @SacRush much appreciated.
    Get me drinking and I’m throwing the Rs out the window like like no tomorrow...:thumbsup: #truth

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