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  1. jordacr
    It's never been an issue for me. I've seen some mod it for a tone control but I like it as is. I pretty much always play it with both pickups all the way up.
  2. mikeyjm2
    I've been eyeballing the SB-2 for a while now and definitely considering it as a next bass. If I understand correctly it's two volume controls and no tone control (i.e. no tone roll off at all)....
  3. WaynerBass
    I said nothing that could possibly make me anti muslim you dumb fk
  4. WaynerBass
    You're an idiot!!
  5. WaynerBass
    Have some brains! If you read the post it's the same color as my Fender Jazz V !!! The post asked to post what else you owned that inspired you to choose the color of your latest bass!?!?!! ***