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Recent Comments

  1. Philly Watts
    I really want to know how it sounds!
  2. XontheP
    It's a new "50s Precision BASS". I sent it back for a couple reasons, mainly because the alignment of strings over the pickups was off. New one comes tomorrow. The color is called Honey...
  3. Low84
    Nice combo with the anodized guard! What's the official name of the body color?
  4. Fender_Bender
    I check the drying veneer about one a day. If you put your hand on it and it's not cold to the touch, it is likely dry. I do a similar process to add soaked off beer labels into a scrapbook with...
  5. Count Bassie
    Straightforward. Dig it, I've got some nice Big Leaf Maple, maybe I'll do one up! Thanks for sharing your process.