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Those were the days

tedsalt, Apr 1, 2019
    • Baruch1994
      Those were the days indeed
      Rock star wanna bees
      Gods of the the garage
      Maybe it was a mirage

      Magic moments yes indeed
      Who knew where they would lead
      We never cut an album or traveled anywhere
      But so many years later an old guy is still there.

      He sits alone in his tiny room
      Remembering when his big hair bloomed
      When the Hammer of the Gods touched his bass
      And led him all over the place.

      Now as I just wrote
      I'm going to audition on a bass here I bought
      20 years since my last paid gig
      To see if my arthritic body can still play it big.

      I hope your memories of days gone by
      Led to something good in your life
      If not it is all for the moment
      For in the end it's really all we have.

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    • Baruch1994
      Thank you salty ted
      The bass ain't yet dead
      I got the the blisters
      It was rock and roll bliss.

      Wish you well.
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