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  1. CoR Bass
    @scubaduba I got it on Reverb from a guy who may have bought it from Guitar Addict, not totally sure. It's a really nice bass, but I didn't feel comfortable gigging with it and I didn't want it...
  2. scubaduba
    Did you get that from Guitar Addict in California? How do you like it? It's a padauk fingerboard right?
  3. villegastx
    Nice pedal, i has been dreaming with a swr ru-n2n rack tuner, but, this may do the job very well. Otherwise, if somebody have a ru-n2n for sale, i would pay up to $300 for one in nice condition.
  4. JimmyM
    I have but never bought one. They're cool and better than rubber, no doubt.
  5. pcake
    @JimmyM - i doubt i ever played drums well, but i sure love playing them. i've only played electronic for more than a few minutes, though. i enjoy mesh a lot more than rubber. have you tried...