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28 Sep 2017


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  1. etherealme
    Sorry, I am just seeing this message on my photo. I don't know why the site failed to notify me. Anyway, thanks. It's mint green pearloid from dragonfire guitars. Custom Guitar Parts and...
  2. Poor_Richard
    love the shape of the headstock. Is it comfortable with those "sharp" edges? All my basses have a bevel / radius at the edge were the pick-arm uh passes.
  3. DavetheDude
    What the heck are they thinking with that upper fretboard? "Ain't nobody makin' money above 14th fret, so whatever" ? :D
  4. Shannon
    Shiny! drool:bassist::thumbsup:
  5. taran wanderer
    anybody know who built this? Looks like probably built in the 60's. Bridge and pickups are not original. dB symbol seems to be luthier's signature. Thanks!