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  1. Chris cook
    @Gary_M Damn right it will look killer I'm seriously interested , when ya do a 5 string model Keep me posted Just a thought 3 pickups are becoming extremely popular Honestly whatever bass ya...
  2. Gary_M
    @Chris cook Hey thanks! I plan to build a 5 string next, probably with a black figured maple top and a natural maple board. I think that will look pretty killer.
  3. Chris cook
    That's a work of art and is FN badass at the same time. I'm jealous. )
  4. Gary_M
    This bass was built from January 2023 through March 20, 2023. The design is my own and I used the Gibson RD design as the starting point for the body. The build thread for this instrument can be...
  5. Chris cook
    My basses sound amazing when I'm not using my B7k v2 When I'm using it , it's a whole new Level It's a MONSTER BASS SOUND kinda THANG !! enjoy yours