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29 Dec 2015


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  1. Gary_M
    This is a scratch built 12 string bass of my own design. This was constructed from July-September 2022 and was the twelfth instrument that I built. :D Scale: 34" Neck-through construction: 13...
  2. bassbooty
    @jay penny It’s just in my photo album, not for sale. I just got it a few weeks ago. The For Sale forum is where I would list anything I’m selling. I will be selling 4 Warwick Streamer basses soon...
  3. jay penny
    sorry, if uninformed. are you selling this or showing it??
  4. AeonKen
    Just one word: Gorgeous!
  5. JRA
    i'd be clumsy on a fiver, but that ax would make me want to get over it! it's killer - wow! :thumbsup: