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  1. Greg75
    Put it all together and wired it myself. The board is from The Custom District (Elon). I've had it for about 8 years. It's extremely solid, easy to configure, and lightweight. I highly recommend...
  2. Novarocker
    Did you build the board yourself?
  3. Das Jugghead
    Always wondered what they looked like inside. I sold mine and regret it tremendously. Very versatile pedal.
  4. Jay Bassist
    Did you end up buying that alembic single soap bar off CL you mentioned a while back. Im looking at the same model and was wondering what I should off the guy selling it
  5. bassadi
    I bought this Ibanez around 5 years ago when I formed a rock band at my workplace. Got it for $100 from a used music store. The only hint on the guitar is that it says SDGR SoundGear by Ibanez....

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