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Recent Comments

  1. Orestes Chouchoulas
    @JoStackBass I recommend it! I used this diagram from @line6man, and I just omitted the tone pot. I went for a generic 500kΩ guitar pot from Amazon UK and I picked this toggle switch from eBay on...
  2. JoStackBass
    This is exactly what I'm looking to do with my Squier Jazz! I can manage setup and the luthiery side of things but I'm clueless with electronics. Do you have a wiring diagram for this setup? Or...
  3. James Willie
    And this bird you can not change. Fly high free bird. Yeah.
  4. Spectre Gunner
    I like the finish in that Flying V. Nice shielding work too.
  5. James Willie
    Pretty bass

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