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Recent Comments

  1. bobunit
    Nice Trace rig.
  2. smeet
    Thanks! It's a bit non-traditional, but it sounds really good. The Bigman is splittable like an MM, so I can get P, MM, and J sounding tones out of it.
  3. DavetheDude
    Killer top! The pickup placement looks a bit odd to me, though. Haven't seen two pickups placed this close to each other yet.
  4. Lasse Vuorsola
    @mar_gag Looks like a good start! I would say that the key for the fake guitar sound is to have the pitchshifter before distortions and keep some of the original signal. Also the drives should be...
  5. mar_gag
    this is me right now, triyng to realize how to get a sort of sound like yours (with a drive bass and such a distorted "guitar" sound) :banghead: 20181109_140044 by mar_gag posted Nov 9, 2018 at...