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Wal Mk3


4.00 x
12 Jan 2018


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Recent Comments

  1. Baruch1994
    Thank you salty ted The bass ain't yet dead I got the the blisters It was rock and roll bliss. Wish you well.
  2. Baruch1994
    Those were the days indeed Rock star wanna bees Gods of the the garage Maybe it was a mirage Magic moments yes indeed Who knew where they would lead We never cut an album or traveled anywhere But...
  3. pkorzonek
    jest beautiful
  4. musicartguy1
    This was my first bass. Got it for my 12th birthday from Lederman's Music in Paradise Valley Mall, Phoenix, AZ. At the time, I loathed it because I knew nothing about intonation or setup. Fast...
  5. Killed_by_Death
    The GSR100EXMOL is the lightest solid-body bass I've ever encountered.

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