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27 Aug 2015


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Recent Comments

  1. minimalist freedom
    Weighs their basses...nice customer service, never heard of that before.
  2. motoman
    Very nice
  3. Big Hoss
    @Bassmanbiker I've only ever seen 2 basses for sale at yard sales. One was an early 70s Fender Jazz that I would need a second mortgage to afford, the other was I P bass copy, made by Hondo I...
  4. Bassmanbiker
    Cool Bass,Big Hoss. I have an older SX Ursa Alder bodied Jazz,and this bass alone renewed my love of bass playing, Oh... did I mention it was a 40.00$ yard sale find!!
  5. pcake
    @minimalist freedom i paid full U.S. retail of $699, but sweetwater weighs all their basses over $299, which let me choose the lightest one, so it was worth it :) the trim pot cover still has...