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Recent Comments

  1. Gizmot
    @Ian McLaughlin You can do it yourself, but if you've never done it before, you could be wasting your money. The EVM is a very good speaker and if you put it in a properly tuned box it will do a...
  2. Ian McLaughlin
    @Gizmot I was thinking about doing the recone myself. Or replacing it with a neo.
  3. Gizmot
    That was one of the best speakers available for bass until about 15 years ago. It's still a pretty good one. If you re-cone it, it'll be as good as new (assuming that whoever does the job uses the...
  4. Slinger
    Nice! It gives that extra bit of "vintage flavour" to the bass...or it does to me at least.
  5. pcake
    what a gorgeous amp!