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18 May 2021


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  1. Grinderman
    Things I see here: This body has had a tug bar/thumbs block in two positions, a Fender bridge ashtray was installed. Besides all the hacked holes/routes, under the bridge and the P pup deal, why...
  2. dkelley
    cool neck bolt setup! What bass is that?
  3. Lichlord2112
    A shaging Cliff em' All Ricky...much love for this! Props to his Lordship Sir McCartney, yet saw a Ricky string break live by the cover band "Rain" in South Lake Tahoe in the 80's. (Shagging...
  4. kevmac
    Ibanez makes very nice basses in all price ranges.This one looks very nice indeed.Does it have a preamp?
  5. Rip Van Dan
    Nice set up and I'm drooling over your Mike Lull 5-string...

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