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  1. IMMusicRulz
    That Hello Kitty Bass is a collectors item, I’ve never seen any bass like that before! I also like Mapleglo, she is one of my favorite users on TalkBass. Also knows as much trivia about The...
  2. VS
    @CakeAT92 It's so very portable and versatile. I think the total weight with everything is something like 47 lbs!
  3. CakeAT92
    Think you'll go with a larger TC head? I think I'm gonna stick with the BAM200 for now. Don't need the volume of anything larger, and REALLY like the footprint! Along with the 208s, makes for...
  4. VS
    @CakeAT92 A very tight, transparent & sterile sound. I use an active, US Peavey Cirrus bass that has a sterile, transparent sound as well. It's a lot of tone coming from my fingers that I have...
  5. CakeAT92
    I am considering exactly that: BAM200 and 1 or 2 BC208s. What's your verdict so far?