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Recent Comments

  1. Kev1955
    I used those tuners as well, did you use TI 30 inch flats? This is mine The Official Rumblekat Club
  2. georgiagoodie
    'Put gold Hipshot ultralite tuners on her as well. 'Sporting T-I flats. Quality bass.
  3. Kev1955
    Thanks for getting back, was very interested in putting tv Jones pickups in mine so was nice to see how the strings lined up with the poles, thanks again
  4. georgiagoodie
    Thanks! My guitar tech did it, so I am not sure what all took place in the mods. Bass plays GREAT! 'Looks GREAT!
  5. Kev1955
    Looks good, how much work was it to put the TV Jones pickups in? Thanks

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