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Recent Comments

  1. dcr
    (Sigh) Oh well. Thanks anyway. Couldnt quite make it happen. Three vehicles broke down at same time. dcr
  2. smeet
    dcr! It's a great bass. You sent me a message about a trade for this bass a few months ago... I replied I was willing to do the trade, but you didn't reply. I'm currently packing it up for to...
  3. dcr
    Now, if u go wanting to sell that thing, i want dibs! Love ro have it back. dcr
  4. edsand
    Just a heads up... I had my G3 neck replaced about 20 years ago, and my luthier quoted Gibson, "this is the last one in the factory."
  5. Microbass
    @edsand just for a quick pic! Generally don’t do it for long if I have too, both basse have been rock solid for years. I certainly baby them more these days however.

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