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  1. GaryEshelman
    Wow! I like it! It sounds so easy, fun, and relaxing.
  2. Chris cook
    @Gary_M Damn right it will look killer I'm seriously interested , when ya do a 5 string model Keep me posted Just a thought 3 pickups are becoming extremely popular Honestly whatever bass ya...
  3. Gary_M
    @Chris cook Hey thanks! I plan to build a 5 string next, probably with a black figured maple top and a natural maple board. I think that will look pretty killer.
  4. Chris cook
    That's a work of art and is FN badass at the same time. I'm jealous. )
  5. Gary_M
    This bass was built from January 2023 through March 20, 2023. The design is my own and I used the Gibson RD design as the starting point for the body. The build thread for this instrument can be...