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  1. Your Dream Bass
    I have family in Montreal...I will look into this...i am planning a visit soon.
  2. Wolfgog
    If i was in Montreal, i would first call Sylvain Bolduc and Alain Lemieux just to let them try it. Maybe i would land one to record an album and then people start to talk about Olivo. Then you...
  3. Your Dream Bass
    Man, so many things have changed on Talkbass since I first joined....including my renewed friendship with Olivo...I can thank TB and the other Olivo owners for.... A telling me he was in Ecuador...
  4. Das Jugghead
    Is that single vent sufficient or do you think you will end up drilling another vent on the other side to get some cross-ventilation?
  5. FunkHead
    This looks pretty cool.