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24 Dec 2015


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  1. Rick_Bass
    What a killer looking bass! That has a real sweet shape to it and I love the tuners.
  2. MattFoes
    @96tbird thanks for your reply. I shall ask a mod to help me move this to a proper spot. I apologize I thought I had it in that forum. The previous owner was definitely in a punk band....
  3. 96tbird
    First of all, ultimate punk bass there. I like it especially the mismatched pup halves. Next, pickups and wiring forum is the place for this one. Ask a mod to move it. My thinking is this....
  4. NandoD
    Hi there! This is an awesome baseline, congrats! Where can I find the tabs? Thanks
  5. bass6strng
    Gorgeous! Are those pickups super noisy when solo’s?